Cindy Gutierrez is a successful entrepreneur, business leader and financial coach. She grew up in Los Angeles and has always had a passion for helping and serving others. She attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and received a double bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Chicano Studies and worked for a non-profit in East Los Angeles helping inner city students prepare for college. She then pursued her master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration and transitioned to work for the Los Angeles Community College District as a Program Specialist helping administer outreach and advocacy programs in the communities of South Los Angeles. Her entire professional career has revolved around educating and empowering communities. 

Cindy has always had a passion for learning and she began to read on finances and investing. She became frustrated that with all her education she had a very limited understanding of how money worked. She transitioned into the financial industry because she knew there was a great need for financial literacy and saw an opportunity to become an entrepreneur in an industry where she can serve the community and have control of her time. She has been in the financial services industry for over a decade and currently manages a branch office for Transamerica Financial Advisors. Cindy has built a financial services company with over 350 licensed agents that span across the United States.

Cindy is a great example of what’s possible, she’s a powerful business woman and leader, not only in her firm, but family and community. She is a mother to three children and a wife. She is very influential in her industry and is sought out for her coaching and mentorship. One of her passions has become educating and empowering women on Wealth Building. She understands the growing need of financial education in our current economic and political climate and hopes to be able to continue serve.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”






By day she’s a Physical Education teacher who teaches middle school age kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle. By night she’s a Financial Coach who educates families on how to grow, protect, and save their money.




"The best way to learn is to teach others." Before getting her foot into the door of the financial services industry, Tiffany had been working in the environmental remediation field. She holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona.



​Vivian Villalobos obtained her bachelor’s degree from  St. Mary University in accounting. She was born and raised in the Philippines and came to the United States to look for a better opportunity to support her family. She has worked in the field of accounting for over 15 years, including working for several top companies. She has always had a passion for helping others and her attributes her experience in accounting in better understanding how to serve families. Vivian in her field of work helped a lot of companies grow and build their business financially and quickly realized the need families had to organize their personal finances.  

Vivian is a wife and mother to 5 children, including triplets. As a woman, she always wanted to be part of empowering women’s organization. When she entered the financial industry, she wanted to find a way to help and impact more, particularly women. She truly believes in serving families, especially women helping them find solutions to their financial needs. 



Martha Lomeli Romo was raised in East Los Angeles with parents who were entrepreneurs. She is the middle child of five siblings who attended parochial school. She attended Sacred Heart of Jesus HS in Lincoln Heights; then went to attend the University of CAL State Los Angeles where she majored in child development and later obtained her masters degree in Special Education. 

Martha has always had a heart for helping people become better so she went on to become a Middle School Teacher for students with learning disabilities and later went into administration as a Program Specialist with LAUSD. After 15 years of serving in the education field, she left the district and decided to put her skills to the test as an entrepreneur.  Although she still had a passion for helping people she also wanted ownership of her company so she went into business with her husband and is now working hand-in-hand with him in the financial services industry helping families move ahead financially for over 13 years now. She has built an agency from the US all the way to Canada with the mission of empowering people especially women understand money concepts so they can be financially literate and self-sustaining. Her favorite quote is “A girl should be two things: Who and What she wants” Coco Chanel



Rosedenise Vasquez, a Southern California native, who was born and raised in Los Angeles. Rosedenise has a sales background in Industrial Plastics, with the leading distributor in the world, where she started as a receptionist and worked her way up the corporate ladder in a male dominant industry. Due to her work ethic and persistence to provide for her family, she built the foundation of her career and grew her sales territory to the #1 spot. She excelled in her career as a saleswoman, but also wanted the freedom of time to spend with her family.​

With her focus shifting towards her four children, she decided to take her skill set and leave her comfortable position to build her own business with her husband. Their business continues to expand and thrive as they help families achieve their financial goals. Her role as a mother, wife, and businesswoman keeps her grounded as she spreads awareness on the importance of financial education. Rosie is a student of Transcendental Meditation, a lover of culinary arts, and a pillar of strength in her family. Her motto is: If there’s is a will, there is a way.